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Accept Payments on the Go

January 9, 2017 – Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA)  Helps Members Accept Payments on the Go, Wherever They Go

Clover Go All-In-One

Merchants who do business on the go, for example vendors at street fairs and farmer’s markets do not have a point of sale system (POS) set up at the location. Therefore, they rely on mobile card readers to process their sales transactions. Although there are many different types of mobile card readers currently out in the market, many of these devices do not have the latest smart chip EMV card reading capabilities, leaving them at a disadvantage.

In comes the new Clover Go “All-In-One” specifically designed for merchants. Clover Go is a wireless and contactless mobile card reader with capabilities of reading EMV smart chips. With Clover Go, merchants can accept payments on the go since it allows them to easily accept mobile payments right from their tablet or smartphone. This allows merchants to accept payment from debit/credit cards safely and securely no matter where their business takes them.

With the new Clover Go, merchants can now accept NFC (near-field communication) payment type (i.e. Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay and Android Pay). No matter how a customer pays, whether it is with EMV chip, swipe, or with their mobile device, merchants can accept it all. Moreover, the new Clover Go now works together with other Clover devices, allowing merchants to open an order from one Clover device and close it out on the Clover Go.

 “Clover Go is one of the tools we offer our merchants to help them accept payments wherever they go,” explained Vice President of SBGA Nathan Jurczyk. “It is a reliable and secure payment solution that offers merchants all the necessary features without draining the battery of their tablet or smartphone.”

Unlike other mobile card reading devices, Clover Go not only includes an EMV chip reader slot but an internal rechargeable battery and the ability to automatically catalog inventory for itemized receipts. In addition, it allows merchants to set custom tip and tax rates. Moreover, merchants can add and manage usage permissions for their employees. Also, it comes with the ability to report sales activity along with valuable information on local competition.

Clover Go is both simple and flexible. It is ready out of the box and only requires a charge before using with a tablet or smartphone. As long as there is Wi-Fi or cellular connection, it can be used anywhere with the comfort of knowing that there is 24/7 customer care and support to help and guide them at all times.

Clover Go is a great payment solution that allows merchants to accept mobile payments on the go. It is an important tool that helps run a business more smoothly, allowing merchants to spend more time working toward the success of their business.

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Electronic Payments: SBGA, INC IS A REGISTERED Independent Sales Organization OF WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A., CONCORD, CA.