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Smartphone and Tablet


Because Business Happens Where You Are

Wondering if you are taking advantage of the latest technology when it comes to your business?

State-of-the-art smartphones and tablets are being released at the speed of light.

These tools put the days of the Pony Express to shame!

Need a little help with navigating your options for mobile processing?

We get it –  and we’re here to help.

Why Mobile Processing Is Smart for Your Business

Customer Satisfaction

  • Customers cringe when they see their credit card number written down by field technicians.   Will it be safe?   Will my card be used inappropriately?   With mobile swipe processing, you eliminate the risk of misused credit card numbers and put your customers at ease.


  • By swiping cards in the field, you gain the protection of data encryption; no storing of data, no lost card numbers, just peace of mind.

It Reduces Costs

  • You eliminate the higher prices you used to pay by keying in credit cards after returning to the office.   By swiping cards in the field, you incur lower processing rates.


  • By swiping cards, you eliminate the risk of transcribing or skipping important card numbers. You’ve done the work, you should get paid for it.

Efficient Operations

  • This app eliminates the need to call the office for authorizations or to validate a card number.

What It Takes to Get Started

1)     Select a System.   We’ll review your operation and identify the system that fits best with your way of business in a            manner that minimizes your costs.

2)     Download the App.   We’ll walk you through the simple steps for downloading the app, attaching the card swipe              device, and running a test transaction.

3)     Training – Easy to Use.  Our training team can have you up and running in less than 15 minutes.

4)     Watch as Your Business Expands Its Reach.   We’ll be right there with you.

Whether you are an Apple iPhone® aficionado or a diehard Android® smart phone user, we’ve got your mobile processing needs covered.

SBGA has fielded the questions, researched the answers and are ready to pair your business with the best solutions possible.

To find out how to put Smart Phone and Tablet processing to work for you, call (800) 889-SBGA.


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