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Recurring Billing

Does your business have monthly Membership dues?

Are your customers on monthly payment plans?   Or – should they be?

If so, SBGA’s automatic billing plan is a perfect tool to provide your customers with payment options designed to keep those monthly payments coming on time.

Many of today’s computer-savvy consumers prefer the convenience of time-saving, secure, automated bill payment programs.

By Using a Recurring Billing System, Your Customers Can:

  • Ensure on-time payment of their monthly invoices
  • Eliminate the hassle of paper statements and mailing payments
  • Stay organized and better manage their finances

Our recurring billing option delivers on these with ease – providing secure transactions, automated account debiting, and simplified bookkeeping to streamline your business.

A recent survey of small businesses found that businesses using electronic billing methods are saving 40-50 cents per bill.

What It Takes to Get Started:

1)     Select a System.  We meet with you, and assist you in selecting the system that will work best with your needs.

2)     Input Customer Information.   Enter customers into your system and schedule their payments.

3)     Sit Back and Relax.   Watch the payments deposit to your account.   Watch your accounts receivable timeline shorten.   Watch your collections activities shrink.   Watch your business grow.

Call (800) 889-SBGA and allow us to put recurring billing to work for you.


Electronic Payments: SBGA, INC IS A REGISTERED Independent Sales Organization OF WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A., CONCORD, CA.