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Gift Card Solutions


An Essential Tool for Maximizing Revenue

Gift cards are an essential tool when it comes to helping you capture new customers and decreasing the cycle time between repeat visits by your existing fans.

By offering gift cards, you tap into a variety of benefits designed to increase store visits, increase average purchase amounts, and manage refunds in a way that keeps your sales dollars inside your business.

Promotional Offers – Drive Repeat Business

By offering gift cards as part of your marketing strategy, you promote repeat business, where your only cost is associated with a future sale. Many businesses offer cards as a gift – redeemable during slower sales periods.

Purchase a minimum of $100, and receive a $25 gift card redeemable on your next visit.

The Perfect Refund Tool

You’ve made a sale, you’ve booked the revenue – but sometimes, you get the unexpected return.   Instead of issuing cash or returns to a credit card, issue the refund to a store gift card.   You’ll maintain your revenue – and may even capture more on a future purchase.

Reward That Loyal Customer

Many businesses offer their best customers gift cards around the holidays, or as a thank you gift.   By coupling these gifts with a ‘redeem with purchase’ strategy, they drive repeat visits while maximizing their average sale.

Getting Started – It Is Far from Complicated:

  1. Select Your Style: You can select from a variety of pre-set designs for quick and simple activation, or work with our design team to craft a custom image that effectively represents your business
  2. Send Them to Print: After artwork approval, orders are produced and shipped to directly to members
  3. Update Your Processing System: with a simple update to your processing system profile, you’re active and ready to begin issuing gift cards

We’re Here to Help

As with any program, our Customer Service team is available to support first time Members with training on how to issue and manage your gift card program. We’re here to help you grow your business.

Join SBGA, and select members receive their first set of gift cards at no charge.   As you can see – we’re committed to being your partner in progress.

To find out how to put gift cards to work for you, call (800) 889-SBGA.


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