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Training Center


Access Hundreds of
Customized Business Apps

Manage Customer

Create Professional
Estimates and Invoices


Grow Your Customer
Base and Revenue

Digitally Manage
Your Sales Disputes

Create Your Floor Plan, Run Pre-
Authorizations, and Take Orders


Manage Your
Business’s Sales Tax

Custom Plastic and
Digital Gift Card Program

Time Clock Solution


Compare Your Business
with Data of Competitors

Track Inventory and
Stock Count Automatically

Easily Add Customers to a Waitlist
with Phone Notifications


Instantly View
18 Months of Sales Data

Provide Merchants Receipts
by Paper, Email, or Text

Bring Customers Back
with a Loyalty Program


Protect Your Business
from Data Breaches

Accept Payments
by Phone or Tablet

Take Mobile Payments
with Scan to Pay


Accept Check Payments
in Your Business

Diversify Your
Payment Options

Access Apps and Data for
Your Business on Any Browser


Automatically Transfer Sales Daily
to QuickBooks or Xero


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