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Payroll Services

  • My business grows plants. SBGA grows my profits.

    Image: My business grows plants. SBGA grows my profits.
  • Payroll problems? SEO hiccups? eCommerce headaches? Step this way – I’ve got a solution!

    Image: Payroll problems? SEO hiccups? eCommerce headaches?  Step this way – I’ve got a solution!
  • For every problem, a solution.

    Image: For every problem, a solution.

Pay Your Employees and Payroll Taxes Accurately – with Confidence

You manage your business with a passion – and do it well because you love it. Do you have the same love for processing payroll and filing payroll taxes?

You Don’t Have to – Just Partner with an Expert!

Processing payroll requires that you:

  • Accurately track employee hours
  • Deduct the correct Federal, State, and local taxes
  • Calculate any vacation and sick time
  • Stay up to date on all labor laws and required posters
  • File Frequent Payroll Tax Payments and Reports

It’s so easy to make a simple mistake that costs you time and money.

Our Program:

  1. Removes the pen and paper process by providing a secure, online payroll system
  2. Incorporates an easy to use dashboard that keeps you in control of your payroll
  3. Allows you to access and approve payroll remotely through a smartphone app
  4. Automatically calculates benefit deductions like medical, 401(k) and wage garnishments in addition to tracking accrued time off like vacation and sick time
  5. Integrates with multiple time clock services to eliminate the need to hand key employee hours
  6. Provides direct deposit to your employees at no additional cost
  7. Calculates, files and pays Federal, State and local payroll taxes on time – Guaranteed
  8. Offers easy access to reporting, including payroll summaries, annual reports, quarterly reports, employee reports, as well as Federal, State, and local tax filing
  9. Enables you to download payroll data for easy importing into most accounting software
  10. Gives your business complimentary State and county-specific labor law posters and up to $25,000 in compliance fine coverage

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