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Auto Close Requests

Auto Close is a setting within your account that automatically sends the transactions you processed for that day to your bank account. This is often referred to as “batching” or “auto batching.”

Auto Close can occur up to one hour BEFORE your set time.  For example, if you select 10:00 pm, auto close will run at some point between 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm.

We strongly recommend that you set auto close to run 2 hours after your last transaction to ensure that auto close doesn’t interfere with sales activity.

When auto close is activated, manual close activity is blocked.  You will not have the ability to run a manual close.  If you ever want to deactivate auto close and return to manual close, you can do so by calling the Customer Service phone number on your processing statement.

If your business accepts tips and/or gratuities, Auto Close should not be enabled as you may lose tips and/or gratuities that are not fully processed.  If the terminal transmits your transactions before you add the tip, you are prevented from making the tip adjustment and would ‘lose’ the ability to charge for the tip.

Please contact Customer Service at the phone number on your processing statement to request Auto Close to be enabled on your account.

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