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Irvine, Calif.; April 19, 2012 – Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA) has incorporated the QuickBooks® Integration Program into its suite of business products and services allowing clients to connect their accounting and credit card processing, saving both time and money.


The QuickBooks® Integration Program provides merchants with Transaction Manager which directly connects their credit card processing with their QuickBooks® program.  In using the integrated equipment, clients can process transactions from within their current QuickBooks® program.  Among the many benefits of the QuickBooks® Integration Program are the elimination of hours of accounting labor by removing the need to enter sales receipts multiple times, offsetting monthly costs and reducing errors due to keyed entries.


Businesses of all sizes utilize QuickBooks® to assist in overall organization of merchant finance.  Listed as one of the top 10 business accounting software programs in the nation, QuickBooks® is used to track sales, manage invoices and record expenses.  QuickBooks® has become so popular due to accessibility and ease of installation on any computer.

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