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EMV for Everyone

August 10, 2015 – The Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA) Releases EMV Smart Chip Card Solutions for All Business Types
EMV for Everyone

The shift to EMV smart chip technology has been high on the priorities list of electronic payments providers and merchants nationwide as the deadline for EMV compliance draws near. But as quickly as small business owners across the United States are upgrading their systems to be EMV-ready, there are still more who will not meet the deadline – and it’s not their fault. Some businesses work with payment providers that are not certified to provide EMV smart chip systems; others believe that there are no viable options for their business. The Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA), however, has a way for almost every business to become EMV-ready.

“The transition to EMV smart chip capability and the subsequent liability shift is going to affect the bottom lines of businesses nationwide. Even with all of the education out there, small business owners are going to be open to liability and possible non-compliance fines,” explained Nathan Jurczyk, Vice President of SBGA. “Our goal as a small business provider is to ensure that we get as many merchants to be EMV smart card capable as possible before this major shift hits.”

For retail merchants, the transition to EMV capable technology can be as simple as switching out a countertop terminal for a state-of-the-art system such as the Clover™ Station or Clover Mini. The Clover Station not only handles EMV smart chip card transactions, but also inventory tracking, employee timekeeping, loyalty programs, marketing strategies and more. For fewer management tools with the same sleek design, the Clover Mini replaces old, non-compliant terminals with something that merchants are proud to display on their countertop.

“The Clover solutions are so much more than your average payment system,” said Bob Parisi, Senior Vice President of SBGA. “It is making merchants nationwide EMV smart chip card ready and at the same time managing everything a business needs from loyalty programs to payroll services. It’s smart, sleek, and simple – who wouldn’t you want it in their business?”

Restaurant merchants have had a harder time adopting smart chip technology because EMV smart chip cards stay in the system while the cardholder enters a PIN to complete the transaction. To handle these situations, SBGA is providing a pay at the table solution: Clover Mobile. The Clover Mobile – as the name suggests – allows restaurant servers to take the system with them when it comes time for payment. Not only is this solution making EMV transactions possible for thousands of business owners, it is also increasing sales with the potential for adding new orders straight from the table!

The deadline for business owners to become EMV-ready is approaching fast. Don’t get caught in the 5:00 traffic of last minute transitions – speak to an SBGA business consultant today about making your business EMV compliant.


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