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Getting Healthier, Together

July 11, 2014 –Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA) Partners with OC Champions for Change to Promote Healthier Workplace

Getting Healthier Together

People have so many different priorities, from spending time with family to working extra to ensure that next promotion, that it can be easy to lose track of the less exciting things like eating right and exercising. In a nation where a third of the population is clinically overweight to the point of adverse health conditions, however, it might be time that we all took a look at our lives and reprioritized.

The Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA) has partnered with OC Champions for Change to promote employee health and wellness. During an eight week challenge, employees were encouraged to set personal goals to eat more nutritiously, include more fruits and vegetables into their diet, be more active throughout the day, and for some, shed a few pounds along the way. Employees participated in weekly informational and motivational meetings that covered various topics from how to properly balance meals and read nutritional labels to making healthier food and drink choices.

“The most rewarding part of the program was hearing everyone share at the last meeting how big of an impact these classes have made on their lives,” one of the training leaders of the eight week program shared. “One individual told us how these meetings helped her realize that she could take control of her diabetes, and how she decided to meet with a doctor to develop a plan for some serious lifestyle changes. It’s just…inspiring.”

In addition to the Champions for Change curriculum, SBGA also partnered with a local grocer to bring “Fresh Fruit Fridays” to the corporate office. Every Friday, fresh seasonal fruit is distributed among employees during the afternoon break times. This summer has brought apples, plums, peaches, and bananas to the SBGA workforce to help everyone push through the last hours of the day in a healthy way.

“Investing in the health and wellness of our team members is an investment in the health and happiness of our workplace. Happier, healthier employees make for a more productive and positive workplace for us all,” stated an SBGA executive team member. “Any program that helps increase our employees’ quality of life is an easy decision for us.”

SBGA plans to continue bringing in healthy choices and voluntary classes to their hardworking team members. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle alone can be difficult, but SBGA has built a group of support, inclusion, and encouragement so that everyone can participate in living a healthier life.

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