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SBGA Helps Members Handle Their Payroll with Ease

May 12, 2016 – Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA) Helps Members Enrolled in Payroll Services Program Handle Their Payroll with Ease

Payroll Services Program

Payroll is a necessary but time consuming task for most business owners. Processing payroll requires a business owner to accurately track employee hours, deduct benefits, add accrued time, file payroll payments, stay up to date on all labor law, and more. With all these requirements, it is easy to make a simple mistake that can cost business owners both time and money. That is why SBGA offers its members their Payroll Services program which make payroll less difficult and time consuming. Nationwide, SBGA is helping small business owners by lessening the stress of their payroll duties.

“Instead of spending valuable time calculating hours or preparing payroll tax filings, business owners should be spending that time working on their business,” commented Nathan Jurczyk, Vice President of SBGA. “The less they have to work on payroll, the more they can focus on growing their business.”

With the Payroll Service program, The Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA) has helped numerous businesses by not only saving them an average of $1,900 a year but also simplifying their payroll processes. SBGA Payroll Services is an outstanding and valuable program that offers all the tools a business owner needs to pay their employees and handle their payroll taxes.

“Our Payroll Services program is no different from other top payroll providers. Our service removes the pen and paper process by providing a simple and accurate online payroll system which comes with an award-winning customer service,” shared Nathan Jurczyk. “We not only focus on helping our members save money but their time as well.”

Once the SBGA Payroll Service program is set up, it allows members to access and approve payroll either online or remotely through a smartphone app. The service automatically calculates benefit deductions in addition to tracking accrued time off and sick time. The service also calculates, files and pays Federal, State and local payroll taxes. Moreover, it generates and allows access to robust reporting, including employee reports, payroll summaries, quarterly reports, annual reports, and Federal, State, and local tax filing. The service even allows business owners to download payroll data for easy importing in to most accounting software.

Aside from the basic services of payroll, SBGA Payroll Services provides their members an option to enroll their employees in direct deposit and also print out checks at their own business immediately after processing payroll at no additional cost. The service provides a human resources dashboard where useful tips and free Federal and State Labor Law Compliance posters can be found.

SBGA’s Payroll Services program is offered with a competitive pricing. Specialized for small to medium sized businesses, SBGA handles the details and calculations while leaving members a simple way to complete their payroll.

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