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Inventory and Service Tracking

January 22, 2018 – Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA) Helps Business Owners Digitally Manage Stock in an Efficient and Cost-Effective Way


How many items do I have in stock? How close am I to falling below par levels? Do I have enough to make it through the weekend? These are common questions business owners face when it comes to inventory management.

However, inventory management is not just about counting physical items. It is about being able to manage and track services as well. Would it not be great to know how many service calls were handled last month or know what the most popular service is during the summer months?

Unfortunately, not every small business owner can afford expensive inventory and service management software that provides such information. That is why Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA) offers inventory and service tracking tools to its members, making it possible for business owners to digitally manage stock in an efficient and cost effective way. This eliminates the need for expensive inventory and service management software.

Available through SBGA’s Business Management Platform, inventory and service tracking tools allow business owners to link their transactions with individual service or inventory items, access detailed reporting for what was sold, and see their top selling items as well as their current, on-hand inventory levels.

“As items are sold, SBGA’s POS system automatically updates stock count,” explained Nathan Jurczyk, Vice President of SBGA. “This not only boosts accuracy but also accountability and ease of operations.”

In addition, a purchase order can be placed with a vendor via email or fax, allowing businesses to automatically update their quantities when supply orders are received. Most importantly, business owners can manage inventory across multiple locations of their business through SBGA’s POS system.

SBGA’s inventory and service tracking tools help business owners track costs and receive alerts when they need to reorder from their vendors. At the point of sale, they can itemize their sales, calculate sales tax, and apply customized discounts or promotions. To learn more about SBGA’s inventory and service tracking tools, speak to an SBGA business consultant today.


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