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Orange, Calif.; Dec. 2012 – Merchant Services, and Alliance Partner of SBGA, Partners with Orangewood Children’s Home to Bring Holiday Cheer to Children in Need

Every child has that one toy they really want for the holidays, but at Orangewood Children’s Home, the desire to know that someone cares outweighs the pleasure of an actual gift.  Merchant Services chose the Orangewood Children’s Foundation®, an organization dedicated to helping abused and neglected children, for their 2012 Holiday Giving Program to give these children both.

With a goal of 150 happy children within the timespan of one month, the employees of Merchant Services pulled together to give the children of Orangewood Children’s Home the number one item on their wish list.  The holiday spirit was in the air as employees sought out ways to grant holiday wishes, some pulling into teams for big ticket items.

“It has been truly inspiring to see the level of enthusiasm and involvement our volunteers have shown while taking part in community service opportunities,” shared Vice President of Merchant Services Nathan Jurczyk. “This team is truly committed to helping bring joy to children in situations where they need it most.”

Merchant Services was the largest single donor of holiday gifts to the Orangewood Children’s Home  in 2012.  Over 400 items were donated to the Foundation, and received by a staff proclaiming, “Oh my, look at that! We have a child who is going to be so surprised!”

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