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Recurring Billing for Recurring Payments

January 6, 2014 – Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA) Continues to Offer Members Simple Cost-Cutting and Time-Saving Solutions
Recurring Billing

SBGA is helping more members manage their back offices with SBGA’s Accounting Solutions program. On the surface, SBGA’s Accounting Solutions program integrates members’ credit card terminals with the most popular accounting software for instant transaction recording. Beyond that, this program also has tools to help members easily collect payments with features such as Recurring Billing.

The Recurring Billing element of SBGA’s Accounting Solutions program allows members to set up a payment schedule for their customers. For businesses with periodic fees, recurring billing can save a business owner time by no longer having to manually enter customer information with each payment. Whether customers are paying on a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly or even annual basis, members only have to input their customer information once and the system does the rest.

“I’ve saved some of my members nearly five hours each month from reentering credit card transactions,” one of SBGA’s business consultants shared; “When I get a call from a member telling me that I’ve helped them put time back into their business, it feels good.”

Eliminating the need to reenter customer information every billing cycle with recurring billing, SBGA effectively eliminates the potential for manual entry error when keying in transactions, saving even more time previously spent on correcting costly errors. But the savings doesn’t apply to just your time. SBGA is known for taking a stance against unnecessary fees in all of their offerings, and the Accounting Solutions program is no different.

Recurring billing comes with no errors and no fines – just the way total Accounting Solutions should be.

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