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Reviews and Your Business

August 2, 2013 – Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA) offers Web Management solutions designed to garner increased search engine result listings as well as establish business placement on local map searches.

SBGA recognizes the importance of incorporating the best of today’s technology into every business plan. Consumers now turn to the internet to search for everything especially local businesses with positive reviews – a new restaurant, a great place to buy flowers, even to find a new car mechanic. With SBGA’s Web Management program, Member businesses are automatically listed on major online map sites. SBGA Members are also able to collect reviews from their loyal customers that are then fed to all of the major review sites. In doing this, Members’ positively reviewed businesses are easy to find on internet-based maps, increasing their online footprint and obtaining greater visibility.

When consumers perform local searches for businesses, SBGA Member businesses are identified on major online business listings as well as the major map and review sites. Consumers are more likely to choose businesses located in their community when positive reviews are attached. By using SBGA Web Management, future clients know where your business is located are more motivated to visit your place of business – a result of the positive reviews that have been posted. All of this means increased online visibility, increased business awareness and increased traffic through the door. Web Management through SBGA offers an all-encompassing program designed to get your business on the map and clients through the door.

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