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Labor Management Solution

February 6, 2017 – Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA) Helps Business Owners Save Time and Money with the Labor Management Solution
Labor Management Solution

Today, most small to medium sized businesses continue to handle their employee schedules manually. Some of the more advanced businesses use an online scheduling service, often with a separate electronic time clock. This means the two services do not communicate with each other, and the time clock system does not know when an employee is supposed to clock in or out. These outdated methods of handling labor management are inefficient and consume hours of small business owners’ valuable time.

The Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA) offers a solution to save business owners both time and money. SBGA provides its members with a labor management solution that handles employee scheduling, time clock, timesheets, and more. On average, SBGA’s labor management solution saves business owners about five hours per week.

“Through SBGA’s labor management solution, we help our members streamline their operations in today’s competitive marketplace, ultimately saving time and money,” shared Nathan Jurczyk, Vice President of SBGA. “Our members save precious hours that would otherwise be lost building employee schedules and tracking down timesheet errors.”

With SBGA’s labor management solution, publishing a schedule only takes a few minutes. Using any browser, a business owner can easily build a schedule online and send it directly to their employees via text and email. Employees can then view their schedule, request time off, and trade shifts through an app on their mobile device. With the click of a button, a perfect schedule can be saved as a template for future use.

Built into SBGA’s POS system, the time reporting system allows employees to easily clock-in using a pin number, without the need to enter in user names or passwords. Also, the device can be set to capture a photo of the employees upon clock-in and clock-out. This prevents employees from clocking in for others – eliminating “buddy punches” and time theft. Business owners can be alerted through a text when an employee does not clock-in or hits overtime. For more information, they can check clock-in status and track labor costs through a real-time dashboard, giving them the ability to manage their labor budget and staff their businesses more accurately.

SBGA’s labor management solution automates most of the work. It automatically tracks and calculates the total hours, breaks, and overtime. It also keeps a running list of missed shifts, missed breaks, and missed clock-outs. Since the data gets securely stored in the cloud, business owners can easily make edits from their office or home. Pairing it with SBGA’s Payroll Services gives business owners the ability to easily export their timesheets directly to the payroll provider.

“In addition to saving time, SBGA’s labor management solution helps business owners avoid unexpected labor costs and stay compliant with labor laws,” commented Nathan Jurczyk. “Business owners receive an email if an employee is going to hit overtime later in the week and they get a text alert if an employee hits overtime.”

SBGA’s labor management solution is the only tool a business owner needs to manage their employees. It handles employee schedules, breaks, overtime, timesheets, payroll exports and more. Members of SBGA who take advantage of the labor management solution save about five hours per week, spending less time on paperwork and more time with customers.

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