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I Wish to Have a Game and Craft Room

March 6, 2017 – Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA) and Make-A-Wish Partnership Grants a Boy’s Wish to Have a Game and Craft Room

I Wish to Have a Game and Craft Room

Cody is a 17-year-old living with several medical conditions. He likes to play video games with his cousins and loves to knit. He dedicates his free time to making care packages for those in need. He knows what his help means to those people going through a tough time, as he himself has lived through hardship. Fortunately, his past experiences have shaped him into the person he is today – a person whose heart is filled with compassion and philanthropy.

Despite the obstacles Cody faces, he continues to give back to his community – making scarves, blankets, and sacks filled with helpful items for the homeless community and patients in the hospital. When Cody was interviewed by a Make-A-Wish volunteer wish granter, he wished to have a game and craft room – a space where he can continue to make a difference for others.

“Most children wish to be, to have, to do, or to see something. Cody’s wish however, was different – he was looking for tools to help him give back to others,” shared Bob Parisi, Senior Vice President of SBGA.  “Working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation® allows us to sponsor amazing kids like Cody, and we are honored to help grant their wishes.”

On the day Cody’s wish was to be granted, the Make-A-Wish volunteers worked together to transform his garage into a game and craft room filled with new furniture, an entertainment system, multi-game table, sewing machine, and more. Cody’s friends and family cheered him on as he walked up to the garage and saw his new space for the first time. Overcome with emotion, Cody joyfully exclaimed that he could not wait to use his new crafting equipment.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation® not only fulfilled Cody’s wish, but provided him with an opportunity to create meaningful memories while spending time with his family and working on his projects. These wonderful memories are something Cody will hold onto forever.

“Supporting organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation® is at the core of our business philosophy,” said Bob Parisi. “We are proud to work with organizations that specialize in making children’s wishes come true.”

Cody is more motivated than ever to help people in need. His unwavering passion and perseverance is so inspiring. We are truly touched to have been part of this experience. Cody’s wish marks the 65th wish granted through the partnership between the Make-A-Wish Foundation® and the Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA).

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