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SBGA’s Table Management System

February 13, 2017 – Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA) Helps Restaurant Owners Manage Tables and Orders with a Table Management System

SBGA Table Management System

When it comes to increasing sales in a restaurant, one of the best strategies is to maximize the rate at which tables are turned. In order for tables to turn more quickly, hosts need to know which tables are available and servers need to keep track of orders at each table. To provide such information, the Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA) offers restaurant owners a table management system which allows custom table layout, table management, and status check on each table.

The table management system allows restaurant owners to customize the layout of their restaurant by giving them the ability to structure tables into a custom floor plan. The shape, size, and location of tables can be chosen; and, landmarks such as walls or objects can be constructed to create multiple rooms and sections.

“By using a customized digital map of the restaurant, staff members can manage their tables and orders more efficiently,” commented Nathan Jurczyk, Vice President of SBGA. “Additionally, it gives managers a snapshot of what is happening at every table in real-time.”

With the table management system, hosts can quickly check for table availability, seat customers, assign servers, and apply notes to specific tables. Servers can easily place orders by selecting menu items from the table management system and tapping the “Fire” button, sending all of the items to the kitchen printer.

“Orders can also be placed using SBGA’s handheld point-of-sale system, connected to the table management system through Wi-Fi,” shared Nathan Jurczyk. “This allows servers to quickly handle order entry and collect guest payment all from tableside.”

From the table management system, staff members can quickly view important data such as the number of available tables, seated tables, guest counts, and ordered items. More importantly, staff members can view the status of each table – if they have been seated, have ordered, or have paid.

“SBGA’s table management system provides restaurant staff members with valuable information, allowing them to quickly seat guests and open orders,” explained Nathan Jurczyk. “This eliminates the factors that slow down table turns, ultimately increasing restaurant revenue.”

The table management system functions in different modes to fit the merchant’s needs. Whether the user is a server or owner, there is a mode with the information and layout you need.  All the information you need, all in one system.

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