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Volunteer Leader Honored

April 17, 2015 – Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA) Team Member Jolie Hales Honored for Work as Head of SBGA Volunteer Leadership Committee

Volunteer Leader Honored.jpgEvery team needs a leader, and when the Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA) sponsored a volunteer group, Jolie Hales was an easy choice. Since the SBGA Volunteer Leadership Committee was founded, Jolie has led the team to impactful volunteer events aimed at changing the lives of families and communities in the Orange County area. This April, Jolie was honored alongside members of the volunteer team as an Outstanding Community Volunteer at the 2015 Spirit of Volunteerism Awards.

Jolie is no stranger to volunteering. She has given a large portion of her time to volunteering with her local community, religious groups, and past employers. Her work as head of the SBGA Volunteer Leadership Committee, however, has left a lasting impression on those she engages with in volunteer activities.

“Jolie has provided incredible leadership for our volunteer program, driving amazing success in how our team serves the community,” Nathan Jurczyk, Vice President of SBGA and Co-Chair of this year’s Spirit of Volunteerism Awards, shared. “She gives selflessly, which I why I’m proud to honor her as an Outstanding Community Volunteer.”

As head of the SBGA Volunteer Leadership Committee, Jolie has contributed over 120 hours to scheduling and planning quarterly volunteer events, overseeing event logistics, participating on subcommittees, and, of course, attending volunteer events. Her positive energy has helped create a corporate mentality of “I’m Going” to every event.

Since the formation of the SBGA Volunteer Leadership Committee, Jolie has coordinated 1,000 hours of volunteering, directly affecting over 2,000 Orange County residents. Jolie was honored on April 14th at the Spirit of Volunteerism Awards as an Outstanding Community Volunteer.

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