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Working for the Hungry

April 17, 2015 – 
Uyen Hoang Honored at Spirit of Volunteerism Awards for Work with Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA) Volunteer Food Programs
Working for the Hungry

The Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA) announced Uyen Hoang as a volunteer leader at the Spirit of Volunteerism Awards this April. As a customer service supervisor, Uyen is recognized by her positive attitude and cheery demeanor, regardless of the obstacles thrown her way. Her passion is easily sparked, especially her passion for helping those in need.

“Volunteering isn’t just something you do for the sake of doing it. It’s something you do when you care – when you want to share the positivity and bounty of a happy life with someone who is reaching for the same,” explained Uyen. “It’s not always easy; it can be heartbreaking; it can be a trial. But those who need help can have a hope and a chance at a better place in life because of those who care. I volunteer to keep that hope alive.”

When Uyen joined the SBGA Volunteer Leadership Committee in 2014, she immediately took charge of organizing things. For every event, she offered her time to consolidate sign-up and sign-in sheets, recording the volunteers in attendance at each event and tracking over 1,000 hours of service. With her passion for keeping track and getting things done right, it was only a matter of time before Uyen stepped forward to lead entire volunteer events.

For her first event as a project leader, Uyen arranged for volunteers to pack boxes at the Orange County Food Bank. With a workforce of nearly 100 volunteers, Uyen’s project created 1,700 boxes of essential food products to be handed out to families in need in the greater Orange County area. For her second project, Uyen went straight to the source of the food – the OC Harvest Club, where her team helped harvest crops for donation to local food banks.

“There are so many people around us – in our own neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces – who need a little helping hand. The physical labor that was poured into these projects, let alone the sentiment, was a product of love and care for those around us,” Uyen shared. “Help doesn’t just come in the form of money or item donations, but in the passionate efforts and compassion that we employ to provide help to our fellow citizens.”

“Uyen brings her “A” game to everything she does,” Nathan Jurczyk, Vice President of SBGA and the Co-Chair for this year’s Spirit of Volunteerism Awards said. “Her ability to organize, coordinate, and facilitate complex volunteer events makes it easy for our team members to participate, and her love for volunteering has inspired so many others to step forward and give their time. We are proud to honor her as an Outstanding Community Volunteer.”

Uyen’s dedication and detailed planning ensures that SBGA volunteer events maintain positive momentum. Uyen was honored on April 14th at the Spirit of Volunteerism Awards as an Outstanding Community Volunteer.

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